The Unlikeable Demon Hunter (Nava Katz, Book 1) by Deborah Wilde: A Review


Nava is a hot mess. She’s hot, & her life is messy… and that’s exactly how she likes it. One night stands are great, she tries to leave while her hookup is still sleeping (occasionally losing a bra in the process). Sex is no-strings-attached only, & like Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman”, no kissing on the lips… EVER.

Conversely, her twin brother Ari has physically trained studied demon hunting his entire life. It’s his destiny…to become a Rasha, or Demon Hunter, in the Brotherhood of David. Their family is a direct descendant, and he was chosen at birth (duh, he was male!) to commit his life to becoming a Rasha. Proud Parents of one “perfect” child who will fight against the evils of the world, while their daughter tragically loses her dreams of dancing and slips into a life of debauchery.

So what happens when the much-anticipated ceremony for Ari’s induction into the Brotherhood is interrupted by the “impossible”. Nava suddenly knows Hebrew and claims the Hamsa ring, a sigil worn by all Rasha, as her own. It wasn’t her intention. She only knows the word flew out of her mouth at the exact moment Ari should have said it. And her power manifests, undeniably proving she is Rasha. The first female Rasha, to be exact.

Let’s just say the Brotherhood isn’t so sure about a “Sister”, & she’s mortified that she has taken her brother’s seemingly rightful place. How can she fix this for her brother? She’s not trained, nowhere near regimented, & not sure if this is right for her.

Not to mention that she starts seeing demons for whom they really are instead of their glamour (her last hook-up at that!). And she kills the offspring of one big, bad, scary-as-Hell demon. Oops.

Nava is committed to having her brother fulfill his destiny of which he feels she robbed him. But how does she get the Executives to make it right, especially when they aren’t exactly thrilled with her after her first mission.

Yeah, there’s a catch, all right… make the impossible happen. A mission she’s not sure she can pull off, even with the assistance of the smoldering sexual tension with THE Rohan Mitra. He’s an ex-rock-star-turned-Rasha, her current lover, & the only man whom she could possibly give in to kissing.

Follow Nava’s crazy antics as she blazes a trail never tread by a woman. She’s hilarious, sneaky, dangerous, & doesn’t listen to her skilled trainer. What could go wrong?

For the first book in a new series, this funny romantic, urban fantasy hits the spot

Vampire’s Kiss (Legion of Angels, Book 1) by Ella Summers: A Review



Leda is special, but no one is quite sure why or how, just yet. But she has completed the first level and has taken into the Legion of Angels with the gift of the Vampire’s kiss.

She’s been trained to exhaustion, made solid friends, had an Angel fight over her, AND she’s even saved aforementioned Angel all on her own. Her Legion soldiers are partly in awe & partly afraid she’s completely out of her mind. Leda likes to think it’s a mix of both, as she is fiercely compassionate and values the lives of others around her.

In this world, the gods play games for power or entertainment, and Leda is being used as a pawn very early in her journey, but determined to become an Angel so she can save her brother, Zane.

She has been betrayed by two people she thought she could trust, now she’s been offered one-on-one training by the Angel she saved on her first real mission. He might even let her play with a flaming sword later down the road.

But we’ll have to wait and see where Ella Summers takes Leda in her second book in this series which is coming soon. I have been highly impressed with ALL of the books Ella Summers has written. Check out the Dragon Born series. It’s a MUST!

Witch’s Cauldron (Legion of Angels, Book 2) by Ella Summers : A Review


Pandora Strikes Again!

This was an awesome book! It’s a 2-day read, it moves along at a fast pace, no dull moments, and you will devour it.

Nero, aka Colonel Sexy Pants, has it bad for Leda. And everyone knows it but Leda, until the very end when they come back from a harrowing mission in which they both could have easily died. And Leda has it bad for Nero, she just doesn’t want to believe that it won’t get in the way of her end game… saving her brother Zane.

Leda’s heroics have her saving Colonel Sexy Pants’s life, being openly recognized by Nyx (The First Angel), and actually making friends with one of the Angel Brats in this book. AND she and Jace, the only Angel Brat to receive the second gift of the gods with her, are integral at finding out who is behind the poisoning & bombings set to kill supernaturals.

It all points to the witches, as only the witches can make those special plants for the poisons. Leda’s sister, Bella, is enrolled at that witch university. She’s been told several times to trust no one. Surely she can trust her sister. Right?

Leda’s internal struggles are all over her mind for anyone with the Vampire Kiss gift to hear. Nero evidently has already told “upper management” that he plans to be her lover. Leda is the last to know, of course. Ivy gets all the dirt from her boyfriend Soren, a sexy higher officer in the League of Angels.

In the end, a question of Leda’s parentage comes up. She was an orphan, remember? Or is there something else that makes her very special. Nyx notices and I can see her digging deeper into Leda’s past in the next book, Siren’s Song… which happened to download just about 2 hours ago onto my Kindle! So excited!!!

READ THE BOOKS! Absolutely no regrets getting lost in this series!



Oh. My. Goodness! Ivory Nirvana!

I usually don’t get excited about cake.  It’s either good, bad or indifferent.  Calories upon calories, either way I’m going to enjoy it or dump it.

it was my mother’s 67th birthday yesterday… she still looks 45.  We’ve been asked if we were sisters while shopping before.  (I’m not sure whether to be proud for her or pissed because I look older than I am, but she’s a good lookin’ woman!)

My husband and I were looking for her favorite cake, “anything but chocolate”, while doing our grocery shopping Sunday.  Do you know how HARD it is to find a cake with no chocolate?  Especially since we are last-minute kind of people.  But you really can’t hide a cake around here for a few days & I wasn’t putting out big bucks on ordering one.  (Sorry Mom 😞)  And I wasn’t going with a generic sheet cake.  Not for my mother.  She deserves better than that.

So I find this cake that looks a little like a bridal party cake. So what!  It was so pretty and perfect. It had no chocolate… or so we thought.  But it was elegant & called The Ultimate Vanilla Cake.  Whi could possibly go wrong with that?

It was gorgeous!  It had buttercream-made flowers on top, buttercream frosting, 3 thin layers of light & fluffy cake, wit’s little beadwork strung among the flowers on top.  And the kicker that we weren’t even sure about… shaved flakes of white chocolate around the flowers on top and all the way around the bass.  White chocolate is my mother’s favorite!  It was priced relatively moderate at $15.88, so we snatched it up.  We hid it behind thesalad fixings… go figure!

It was almost as much fun watching her separate the plastic base from the clear top as it was to see her face as she picked up little shavings of white chocolate as they fell off onto our dinner table from the inside base and put them in her mouth.  PURE BLISS!  And I’ll be sure to note that she took it out of that plastic and put it in her own cake container and there that plastic puzzle-work into recycling!

i really should have taken a photo BEFORE we hacked away at it, but it was a lost cause.  We all just wanted to taste it!  And it was divine. It was rich with frosting, the cake was feather-light, the white chocolate was such a treat.  YUMMY!

YES, I got excited enough over this cake to write a review. But it’s one that you can only eat in small doses (my butt thanks me) because it is SO rich.  There is more frosting than cake, but it’s like eating a little bit of heaven.  And the brownie points are mine (and my darling husband’s)!!

If you want a decadent cake for something (bridal showers, bridesmaid’s cakes, or even a wedding cake), ask for The Ultimate Vanilla Cake at Walmart.  Call ahead!  I’ve never seen it before this past Sunday, and Valentine’s Day just passed so they might not keep it in stock.  Don’t take it for granted… we got it at the Walmart st River City Marketplace in Jacksonville, FL, but I’m sure they would have the same recipe at other stores.  I’m going to find out who made it the next time I go in there.  Someone deserves accolades

I would love to request it with a few changes…  bits of strawberries through the layers of cake and halved strawberries around the bass WITH the white chocolate crumbled on top of the them.  It might not be as rich that way.  And I love my strawberries!

(Sorry the photos are so bad.  The cake wasn’t uneven, that was my bad photo angle.  I was in a hurry to get to bed.)

SWORD WITCH by C.S. Wilde: A Review


**You CAN turn tricks around on a Fae.**

Sally is a Sword Witch, but hasn’t been called to duty in a very long time. She sees herself as very plain, but a handsome co-worker falls for her. She loves the idea of being in love but wants to make sure it lasts.

Unfortunately she calls on a very tricky Fae to grant her a love spell. It always costs when asking favors from a Fae, so Sally is sure that she’ll tell Joseph and the favor will be nullified & she’ll have Joseph forever.

Joseph doesn’t see it that way when he finds out. No spoilers, but Sally finds a way out of her payment and when the Fae “loses his cool”, she is rescued a fate worse than death by the Magic Council.

A fun short story above loving family, and how you have to trust in love if you really feel it.

AWAKEN: SLEEPING BEAUTY RETOLD (Romance A Medieval Fairytale #2) by Demelza Carlton: A Review


Sleeping Beauty retold with a twist.

Fairy Tales are not my favorite genre, but with this story I might just read one every now and again.

Who could turn down a story paying the ultimate price to protect others, finding love again, and the magic of the living earth (or the things growing from it) that can heal all wounds. Not a witch, just a small gift of healing that grows as she vows to sleep to protect her kingdom.

Sadly, those of us who know us best are often the ones who can never understand the changes they see in our very ourselves with their very own eyes. It’s not just in fairy tales but of the world in general.

A wonderful book that allows you to believe that love and nature can overcome all obstacles. A wonderful light read, Demelza Carlton does not disappoint with ‘Awaken: Sleeping Beauty Retold’.



I thought this book was lagging in the beginning & the separation between friends was annoying, my only reason for 4 stars. Then I remembered myself at that age – hormonal, unsure of where I fit in, feeling – at times – like everyone was against me, & everything was about to change Then I decided I didn’t care about what others thought of me. Like me or not, I am still just the same person. If you don’t like me, don’t come around.

I’m happy that Callum worked with his gaggle of friends to save everyone in the end & take his rightful place in the Clan. And though Shae is still a mystery to everyone, I am sure they will figure out a way to keep her safe from the order. All her friends helped her become a more confident person, brought her family together & are backing her 100%.

Now on to the next book to see what troubles Shae bumps into along her next adventure. But right now, she has just what she wants: friends & family all safe in their newly remodeled home… but her dad seems to still hold a secret.u